active adult

Ann M.

Although we have many, many accolades of living and loving the Orchards, our primary one (as we grow older) is having neighbors you can always count on in difficult times and in times of illness. They are all like a family to us. It was the best decision we made in our older years.  

Ann  M.

Jim K.

In addition to the quality of the construction and great designs, what we have enjoy most about our Orchards Group experience at Brannon Oak Farm are the great new friends that we have made and the opportunities at the club house to stay in contact.    

Jim K.

Dick & Marilyn C.

We found the Orchards at East Cherokee to be an excellent place for our retirement. Close to everything needed for care free living. A well built home. The Orchards team has been a pleasure to partner with. They always do what they say with a smile. We love our new home. Thank You  

Dick and Marilyn C.

Les & Joan P.

Moving to The Orchards at Brannon Oak Farm was by far the best decision we ever made. It is the most convenient area, shopping and restaurants close by.  We have found many new friends because of the many functions we participate in, and they are like a second family to us! I wish we had moved sooner!

Les and Joan P.

Bob & Lillian M.

We shopped around a lot before choosing the Orchards at Brannon Oak Farm. We feel confident that we made the right choice. We love the location, home designs, and our neighbors. We are very satisfied with the Orchards Group, and the services provided.

Bob and Lillian M.

Kirk & Sherry M.

This is a community of people who are diverse. We are from different states, cities, backgrounds, faiths, economic endeavors, and yet, we function as a loving, caring, giving, serving, community. We celebrate our differences. We join together as a group of friends who genuinely care about the well-fare of our neighbors. People look out for one-another and come to the aid of those in need. We feel safe and surrounded by friends. We would not want to be living any where else.

Kirk and Sherry M.

Rick & Linda S.

We moved into the Orchards of Brannon Oaks Farm in February and could not be happier with our decision.  We are in our early 50’s and got a lot of flack from our friends about moving into an “old folk’s community” but they don’t know what they are missing.  We both work, our kids are grown and we spend every weekend at our lake house.  The Orchards is perfect for us.

Rick and Linda S.

Sarah & Gary D.

For four years we have thoroughly enjoyed living in The Orchards of Habersham Grove.

One of many benefits are our reasonable utilities, community atmosphere and privacy.

Sarah and Gary D.

Barbara A.

We were a little apprehensive about living in a Ranch Condo, side-by-side, for fear that we would disturb our neighbors, or we would hear noise from their home. To our amazement, we are VERY pleased to say that we hear nothing! Loving It !!  – a wonderful community happening here.” 

Barbara A.

Pam & Frank M.

We love living at the Orchards of East Cherokee because of the convenience of shopping, restaurants and doctor’s offices. It is so quiet here with all the farms surrounding us. And the selection of houses to choose from is wonderful. We love living here and would recommend the Orchards Group neighborhoods to anyone.  

Pam and Frank M.